Kitwork Helicopter Kits

You can fly many of the machines featured on these pages for a similar price to running a boat or SUV, and have a lot more fun!

Building a machine yourself is a rewarding and educational adventure, and then there are all the thrills of flying to almost anywhere in our beautiful country.

Some basic details of the more popular machines are listed below, with links to the manufacturer’s sites.  For more information and some comparisons, check our Comparison tables, or Contact us – we love to any excuse to talk flying.

For those who simply want to fly, there are pre-build options available for some machines, and they can be delivered to you as a ‘turn-key’ product, ready to go – just add fuel and enthusiasm.


The Rotorway Exec is probably the most popular machine ever built, in terms of machines that are actually flying.  This is a 2-seat machine with great design features, good looks, speed, and exceptionally easy to fly.  It is suitable for distance flying and pure passenger work

The Canadian Home Rotors Safari is styled on the old Bell 47 (MASH) machines, and is more of a work-horse, with a Lycoming engine, heaps of room in the cockpit and grunt to spare.  This two-seater is the machine for hunters and the like who need space, load-carrying and lifting power rather than covering long distances.

The CH-7 Kompress is a superbly built Italian machine, with exceptional performance in a beautiful skin.  The unusual tandem seating arrangement makes it very narrow in the fuselage, with very low drag and fuel consumption in cruise.  If  you are after the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of kit machines, this is one to consider.

The Ultrasport is a newer machine, and with an engine upgrade is now an attractive option.  It has a fully composite body shell, making it exceptionally light and easy to build.  It comes in experimental-class two-seat and microlight-class single-seat  versions.

The Aerokopter is a response to a request from the Ukraine State Border Committee seeking a suitable light helicopter for border patrol and willing to support the local aviation industry by sourcing such craft from within, has sparked an increase in their local aviation industry.


The Helicycle is the only production turbine-powered machine on the market in single or two-seaters.  From the same engineer who designed the Exec two-seater, this machine incorporates many advanced features, the turbine being the most obvious.

The Innovatortech Mosquito comes in two styles – the bare-bones, bugs-in-your-teeth basic and the newer, composite-body enclosed XE for those who like some comfort with their adventure.  This is a well-proven and popular design, with it’s low kit price a strong point.

There are many more, from practical to extreme, and we will add them as time permits – we are still under construction!  If you really want to find out more right now, just Google for ‘ultralight helicopter’ or ‘Experimental Helicopter’

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